We want women to fully know their God.  We want them to study and understand His Word – so they know Him better, are able to live in His will, and follow His commands.

We want women to fully understand who they are in Christ, so that they can live victorious lives – free from the weight of sin, insecurity, anger, bitterness, and fear.

We want women to know whose they are – and fully understand what He is capable of – and live into that.

We want women to so fully believe in  God that they have an insatiable desire to spend time with Him, Praising Him, praying to Him, worshiping Him, learning His Word, knowing more and more about Him.

We want women to believe that if God sets something in their hearts they can do whatever it is because of the Almighty power of their God.

We want to help give women the tools they need to study the Bible effectively and apply it to their lives.

We want women to pursue Him to find their strength, joy, and hope in Him.